How to protect yourself from identity theft.

cash cardYearly many people are falling victim of credit card fraud. Every credit card user is venerable to credit card information theft. Even if you take necessary action to prevent credit card fraud there are no guaranteed methods that save you falling victim to credit card fraud. Credit card fraud can prove very costly; because with increasing credit card usage there is no single instance where credit card thieves cannot use the credit card for the benefit of him. The main important thing one must aware is that there is no need to steel you credit card, all he needs is your personal information and credit card information.

Credit card information can be stolen in number of ways with increased use of credit cards online with all business and financial transaction are doing online, it has made easy for criminal to gather your valuable information through internet . Any one who gets your credit card information are likely to use for their benefit at your expense. There are many ways how a credit card criminal can gather your card information.

In this article I will outline few ways how your credit card information can be gathered. Using credit cards at cashier: many people use credit card for payment of bills at counter. The person at counter can take you credit card info secretly by using a camera phone or other means. You must always stay alert while using credit card. Take care that people near to you not having a glance at your credit card, remember not to place the card at the counter and wait for the cashier to return back, but have look what the cashier is doing with your card. Using at restaurant: most of the waiters and waitress do not use your credit card information for their benefit but there are some who can do it in number of ways.

First when the waiter takes your credit card to cashier to pay your bill, there are chances that they note down credit card information when card is away from your notice. The other way is your card can be replaced with another card that may looks like your card but probably not yours. Make sure to check your card once it was returned to you. This might not be the case, but it can occur sometimes unintentionally. One way you can avoid this form happening is going to cash counter and pay bill by yourself no matter what other people think about it, safety is most important. Using at gas station or petrol outlets: There is a possibility that hacker may install software bug in the credit card payment processing machine. This bug may capture necessary information form your credit card info that was entered. There is no way that any one can know about the bug that is installed in the software which you can not see. If you are worried about this problem it would be safe to pay with gas card or petro card for paying them If you credit card information is stolen then your financial condition gets upside down. Following this information will help you dramatically in safeguarding yourself and your assets.


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